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A company interacts with customers on many levels and in many places. These interactions are necessary for a company to carry out its marketing, branding, and sales strategies

Touch points are interactions between businesses and customers that occur during the customer’s journey. These moments significantly influence customer experience as well as brand perception. When a company wants to scale and grow its customer base, calls can’t be handled internally, and a dedicated team is required to deal with the volume.

The main purpose of having a shared/dedicated customer service executive is to make it easier for both the company and the customer to communicate, solve problems, complete orders, and sell goods and services.

Remember, even today on the internet would customers prefer to do business by calling someone to place an order or resolve an issue. Also, some people don’t want to surf the web for hours to find an answer to a problem or deal with emailing a company and would prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a live agent to get their issue resolved quickly.

Integrating a call center that allows customers to call up and speak to a live human being to get help when they need it is still a valuable service and a selling point for any company. Companies that utilize call centers are often able to provide better customer support and service experience than companies that don’t. Companies also benefit significantly from call centers because they can use the data they gather to personalize services and offers to particular customers and know better what their users want, which allows them to be more proactive in their offers.

Our Offerings

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

‘Sparsh’ auto IVR is triggered the moment a customer call lands at the dedicated number published by the company, post IVR plays the same call may get routed to the mapped number provided by the company.

Shared Call Center Services

‘Sparsh’ offers a “PAY AS YOU USE” Customer support solution under the state-of-the-art shared call center. Outsourcing to Sparsh will help you to offer live customer support services without the hassles and at a minimal cost of just ₹400/day. We deploy experienced and fully trained call agents to ensure complete customer satisfaction with your business brands. A shared call center refers to a customer service support solution where you use call center service on a shared basis and call agents receive calls for multiple clients. The best part is you can manage all types of calls at low operational cost by outsourcing to the shared call center where you have to pay only for your handled calls.

 Dedicated Call Center Services

‘Sprash’ offers a dedicated inbound virtual call center agent program that combines customer service excellence with personalized training, ensuring that your brand and culture will be represented the way you foresee. Dedicated call center services serve as the primary touchpoint for your business. Generally, customers want the least time for the resolution of their issues. Therefore, outsourcing to a dedicated call center helps your business to grow by offering them a personalized customer experience for their issues with your business products and services.

A touchpoint will help companies
  • Handling Sales Enquiries
  • Lead Management
  • Handling customer complaints/queries
  • Order Management
  • Technical Support
  • Churn Management
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